Tech Features Make the Ford Focus ST an Excellent Choice

Shopping for a performance hatchback in today’s day and age is all about looking at the tech features. The Ford Focus ST doesn’t disappoint with tech found in every area of the interior. 

You’ll love the SYNC3 infotainment center. Whether you want help with navigation, streaming music, or staying in touch with your contacts, the system provides you with options. Apple CarPlay or Android Auto can be used to connect your smartphone, too. This allows you to stream podcasts, play music, and tap into apps that help make traveling even easier.

Some incredible tech features are available to make it safer on the roads, too. You can have sensors to tell you if you get to close to the back bumper of another vehicle or veer out of your lane. Plus, assistive technology will help you to avoid collisions by applying the brakes for you. If you are looking for the latest Ford models for sale, check out our inventory.



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