2015 Ford Fusion Energi Offers Mass Appeal

2015 Ford Fusion Energi Offers Mass Appeal

You might think that a plug-in hybrid isn't for
everybody, but we've found that the 2015
Ford Fusion Energi
offers universal appeal.

How so? Well, the Fusion Energi features an
easy-to-use charging system to go along with its smooth performance and
modernized interior.

In fact, you'll hardly notice that it's a plug-in
hybrid despite the short amount of time it takes to receive a full charge.

Oh, and the Fusion Energi also features
sophisticated style on top of it all.

When it's all said and done, the Fusion Energi is
converting skeptics into believers when it comes to the plug-in hybrid.

And, the experts at AutoTrader.com are certainly among
the converts as you'll find out in the informative clip below. Take a look:

So, are you ready to give the Fusion Energi a shot?
If so, come down to Denham Ford at our showroom in Wetaskiwin,
to get plugged in for your test drive today!

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