Sync My Ride

Ford has an easy way for customers to utilize any feature on their phone while in their ford vehicle.
This feature is known as Sync with MyFord Touch. This makes making a call, receiving a text or playing or music in line with your phone.

To get this setup just follow this easy step by step guide:

Make sure your phone is compatible with MyFord Touch.

Your Vehicle must be in parked and not be running.

First be comfortable with the controls of your vehicle.

Step 1: Turn off your phone.

Step 2: Enable your phone's Bluetooth feature and make it discoverable.

Step 3: Go to the Sync list to ensure the phone has been identified as an option. Search for the device in this section and click SYNC.

Step 4: A key will be generated on both the phone and Car click the touchscreen when it says to pair.

Step 5: If successfully match it will be display your name

Step 6: Sync will prompt a message to download a phone book if you prefer to.

Step 7: Set the new device as favorite and it will be displayed as the preferred device. (If you have more than one device synced).

Now that you are all set you are ready to enjoy the advantages of the MyFord Touch feature.