4WD or AWD, You Be the Judge


4WD or AWD, You Be the Judge

Four and all-wheel drive is no longer just for Ford trucks and SUV's. This feature has become so popular across the board, that many manufacturers are including it as standard equipment. This begs the question as to whether or not you be considering it on your next vehicle. We at Denham Ford in Wetaskiwin are happy to explain the benefits and what they mean to the operation of your vehicle.

Many people have the misconception that these features are all the same. Not true, they provide similar benefits but operate differently. An AWD takes power and distributes it to the wheels that need it, and, only when they need it. 4WD operates all four wheels when in use, delivering a steady amount of power to each wheel. Either way, traction and vehicle control is increased significantly with these features.

Denham Ford would like you to see the difference for yourself. Take a moment to come to our dealership and go for a test drive today.

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