A different meaning for smart car: 2018 Ford Fiesta

A different meaning for smart car: 2018 Ford Fiesta

As practical and down to earth as the people here in Wetaskiwin are, we all like to look to the future and take advantage of modern technology when we can. In the past, our need for practicality meant we had to sacrifice many of these technologies, but modern engineers are throwing that out the window.

The 2018 Ford Fiesta is one of the most practical yet forward-thinking vehicles on the market, offering push-button ignition for quick starting when in a hurry. The rear-view camera allows you to back up safely, taking full advantage of computer-guided depth-perceptive interfaces. Never has parallel parking been easier than with this system.

Above all else, the MyKey system is a new name in safe driving, enforcing speed limits, audio levels and seat belts. Know anyone whom borrows your car will have no choice but to drive by your safety rules!

The Fiesta is an actually smart car, buzzwords aside. Visit us at Denham Ford today for a test drive!



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