Ford Mustang Performance Features


Ford Mustang Performance Features

The all new performance modes on the Mustang and Shelby GT are absolutely amazing. US News & World Report have ranked Ford’s latest sports car as a top 2 in the sports car market. The Mustang received its highest marks in performance where it clearly outdoes all of the competition. In addition, the engineering team has gone above and beyond with this latest design to reveal a refreshed take on driving modes. While many of the competitors are still stuck in traditional drive trains, the Mustang is taking it up a notch with customized suspensions.

The all new performance mode that has all the drivers talking is the Drag Strip mode. This allows you to utilize the full power of your engine. There is also a track and sport setting, as well as a Quiet Start mode when you don’t want to wake the whole neighborhood as you head to work. The new Mustang is simply one of the most impressive performance cars to come along from an American auto manufacturer in awhile.

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