Ford Super Duty: Top Payload and Power


Ford Super Duty: Top Payload and Power

The Ford Super Duty is a powerful giant that is tough enough to take on the roughest jobs. With a 7,630-pound payload, the Super Duty can haul everything that you need. Whether you need a truck for a job site or on the farm, Ford has redesigned this series to give you what you need.

Ford reinforced the brakes, chassis, and steering by adding more and stronger steel. They added a military-grade aluminum body and powerful transmission. They backed this power with a 6.7L Power Stroke V8 Turbo Diesel that can pull the load with ease. All of these new components create a truck that has the ability to stand the test. Whether you need to haul hardwood mulch or concrete, the Super Duty can get it done.

If you need a tough truck, then stop by Denham Ford today and test drive the new Super Duty.



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