Fuel Saving Tips for Your Ford in Wetaskiwin

Fuel Saving Tips for Your Ford in Wetaskiwin

We all love spending a little less than we have to at the fuel pump. While Ford vehicles are certainly known for efficiency, there are ways you can boost your fuel economy by how you drive on the Wetaskiwin roads and maintain your vehicle. Fuel your fuel savings with the following tips.

Slow down: The faster you go, the more wind resistance works against you. That makes your engine work harder and use more fuel to power through it. Save some fuel by slowing down.

Pack less: Your engine also has to work harder to carry added weight packed into your vehicle. So when you get your cargo and luggage together, try to pack only what you need to cut down on the extra weight.

Combine trips: Your engine is inefficient when it's cold. If you have errands to run, try to combine as many as you can into one trip. That way your engine stays warmed up and efficient.

Oil change: A clean engine is an efficient engine. Clean out the efficiency-killing dirt and debris that can build up in your engine by having routine oil and filter changes. Schedule an appointment in the Service Center here at Denham Ford, and our skilled service team can change your oil and have you driving efficiently on the Edmonton, Sherwood Park, Red Deer and Leduc roads once again.

Try these fuel saving tips in your Ford!

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