Keeping Cool with Your Ford Car Color Choice


Keeping Cool with Your Ford Car Color Choice

Everyone knows that wearing black clothing out in the sun will make you hotter, faster, and for longer than if you wear light-colored clothes. However, the folks at Autotrader wondered if the same rules applied to a car's paint color. So, to find out, they did the test themselves; using two identical vehicles - one in white and one in black - they put them out in the sun and measured their cabin temperatures after some time, and then measured how quickly they cooled down again with the air conditioning. We think the results may surprise you:





Of course, no matter what color you choose for your new Ford vehicle, you'll be riding in style and comfort no matter what the temperatures may be. Just come out to Denham Ford in Wetaskiwin, AB at your earliest convenience and we'll listen to what you're looking for, show you around, and help you find the perfect solution to all your automotive needs.

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