MotorWeek travels back to 1990: Ford Explorer

MotorWeek travels back to 1990: Ford Explorer

The Ford
has certainly done some traveling over its 24-year
lifespan, and it's all the better for it.


After pioneering the well-mannered SUV segment, the
Explorer then relocated to swankier class of full-size crossovers two decades
later. From its initial appearance of overt ruggedness to its current sophisticated
silhouette, the Explorer's look may have significantly changed over time but
luckily on thing remains the same -- its coveted spot at the top of its
respective class.


The premier 1991 Explorer was
starkly yet fittingly angular, as was typical for most vehicles back in the
'90s. Its straight-faced front grille gave onlookers a good indication of its
no-nonsense capabilities but left its plush interior as a welcome surprise.


And that's not even the half of it. Voyage back to
1990 to get a critic's eye view of this burly beaut in the MotorWeek
retro review below:


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