Online Tools to Help You Shop for a Vehicle at Home

Online Tools to Help You Shop for a Vehicle at Home

The coronavirus emergency has turned the auto sales industry upside down. Many dealerships are closed temporarily, at least for visits in person, while even those that remain open are subject to social distancing rules which make traditional showroom browsing difficult.

But while we may live in times of pandemic, we also live in the digital age, and there's plenty you can do from home to shop for a vehicle online.


Online Showrooms

The first place to start is an online showroom available on dealership websites like Denham Ford. From here you can browse our full range of new and used vehicles, checking out detailed specifications, features, and photographs of the vehicles which best suit your needs. And unlike a physical showroom, social distancing isn't an issue in the digital domain.


Online Reviews

But finding a model of car or truck that interests you is only the start of your buying journey. Before contacting the dealership, check out online reviews to see what car industry experts and real-world users think about the vehicle you're looking at.

Importantly, make sure to check the reviews on independent websites rather than only ones on dealership sites, so that you get a well-rounded picture of a particular vehicle's good and bad points.


Valuation Websites

Shop for a Vehicle at Home


New vehicles come with a fixed price suggested by the manufacturer, so you're likely to pay a similar amount wherever you shop. Nonetheless it's worth checking several dealerships to see which are promoting the best offers on the car you're interested in.


With used cars, however, it's a very different story. The dealership can charge whatever they think will generate a sale, and this means the deal you get might be good, bad, or anywhere in between. To protect yourself, use one of the many online valuation sites such as Kelley Blue Book or Edmunds, which will give you an accurate estimate of a fair price for any used car model.


CarFax Canada

For buying used vehicles, the CarFax Canada service is invaluable. When you ask for a free report on a used vehicle, you'll be given its full history including odometer records, any reported accidents, place of registration, and much more. If you're planning on buying used, CarFax takes away the risk. At Denham Ford we have a free CarFax report for every vehicle we stock, which you can request directly from our website.



Online Financing

Once you've decided on a vehicle and are happy with the price, you may need to arrange financing. In the past, that usually meant a trip to the dealership sales office to sign the paperwork. Happily, in these days of social distancing the process can be carried out almost entirely online, making financing your next vehicle both convenient and safe.

Shopping for a vehicle online takes a different strategy than the traditional way of buying. It's perhaps not as exciting as touring a showroom full of shiny new cars and trucks, but the tools are there to make it easy. And with time on your side in the comfort of your home, you stand a great chance of getting a better final deal.



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