Servicing Your Vehicle at Denham Ford is the Best Option


Servicing Your Vehicle at Denham Ford is the Best Option

As a car owner, you will inevitably need to have your car serviced regularly. Consequently, you have to choose between having your car serviced at the dealership or the local repair garage. While there are several advantages and disadvantages for both, the focus of this post is what you have to gain by having your car serviced at a dealership such as Denham Ford.

  • Dealerships usually employ manufacturer-trained technicians who are specialists on the particular models of cars that are sold at the dealership.
  • Dealerships only offer OEM (original equipment manufactured) parts for all repairs performed on customers’ vehicles. Additionally, dealerships can access the most recent OEM recalls and they offer warranties on all repair works and replacement parts.
  • Dealerships often get assistance from manufacturers when it comes to facilities. Most dealers have larger and well-organized service bays to accommodate more vehicles, as well as additional amenities like waiting bays, clean bathrooms, accessories shops, and a place where you can buy snacks and drinks while watching TV as you wait for your car to be serviced.

In a nutshell, Denham Ford is unrivaled by any independent shop as we have the staff, resources, connections, facilities, and equipment to guarantee the best service for you and your vehicle.

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