The 2015 Ford Focus: Voguing Not Required


The 2015 Ford Focus: Voguing Not Required

Whether you're into Voguing, interpretive dance,
break dancing, or just shuffling around and staring at your shoes, you're going
to love all that the 2015
Ford Focus
offers, and the automaker knows it. In their
newest video on the YouTube page, they show off the Focus' massive cargo space
- up to 44.8 cubic feet with the rear seats folded down! - as well as the rear
view camera and the convenience of available parking assist. You can dance in
your seat all you want while the car does the hard work for you! Now take a
look for yourself and get a chuckle on your Friday

Of course, the best way to form an opinion is to
come in and see it for yourself! If you like how it looks, or if one of our
other new
models captures your attention, our friendly experts
will answer any questions you have and give you every detail inside and out.
With an offer of a test drive and all the information you need, you'll get a
car-buying experience like nowhere else here at Denham Ford.

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