The 2019 Ford Transit Connect Promotes Road Gripping Traction


The 2019 Ford Transit Connect Promotes Road Gripping Traction

The 2019 Ford Transit Connect is a roomy and safety conscious full-size passenger wagon. The 2019 Transit Connect has all the features that drivers and passengers need from a passenger wagon that is designed for long trips. One technology that can improve safety, as well as vehicle drivability, is the Transit Connect braking stability system.

The 2019 Ford Transit Connect wagon helps drivers to keep their tires squarely on the road with a large number of suspension-based technologies. Included in this list are four-wheel disc brakes as well as the Curve Control system. While some vehicles have only two disc brakes on the front wheels, the 2019 Transit Connect is equipped with disc brakes on all four wheels. The system allows for increased stopping power as well as heat dissipation capabilities. These and other brake features provide this vehicle with legendary stopping power.

Another feature that helps to keep drivers and passengers safe is the Ford Advance Track system. This system includes the Ford proprietary Roll Stability Control (RSC) system which kicks into action during low traction conditions. The Advance Track and the RSC systems work hand-in-hand to keep track of vehicle roll motions. If the turn rate or roll motion exceeds preset limits, the Advance Track system can automatically use fine braking adjustments to maximize traction.

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