The Ford Explorer: Automotive Innovation at its Finest


The Ford Explorer: Automotive Innovation at its Finest

For 2018, the Ford Explorer stands out among the SUV crowd. This vehicle has it all from heated leather steering to an abundance of beneficial cargo space. Want to connect your gadgets? Try using the built-in USB port. Are you interested in listening to music? Connect to Pandora with relative ease.

Every base is being covered here. We're Denham Ford in Wetaskiwin, and we have numerous models for viewing. If you're truly interested, we'll give you a test drive. SYNC 3 Technology, Adaptive Cruise Control, Siri Technology, Curve Control, Lane-Keeping Assist, Park Assist and many more features are present with these SUVs.

The all-new Ford Explorer can be driven anywhere. That's right! You can drive this 4WD beast on very rugged terrain, you can drive it on wet roads, and you can drive it on rocky hillsides. In other words, the Ford Explorer is setting new trends, and it's changing the status quo.

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