Things to do to Debadge Your Vehicle

Things to do to Debadge Your Vehicle

There are many different ways in which you can debadge your vehicle. The first thing to understand is that you cannot be afraid to ply off the badge. Any marks that are left on your car can be wiped off or painted over.

Before you try to ply off the badge, you should pour scolding hot water on the badge. This will automatically loosen the badge, which will make it easier to ply off. In some cases, the badge will fall off on its own.

It is best to debadge your car in the hot weather. The hot weather will directly contribute to the badge being removed from the car. You should also look inside the vehicle to see if there are any screws or bolts hold the badge on the inside. If so, removing these screws/bolts will most likely remove the badge, too.



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