Will We Ever Tire of Looking at the Ford GT?

Will We Ever Tire of Looking at the Ford GT?

Short answer: No.

There is a stunning beauty to the sleek, sculpted lines of the new Ford GT, one that demands to be gazed upon ceaselessly, and here at Denham Ford, we're extremely happy to oblige. As the ultimate super car, the Ford GT is a unique breed of performance and design, and will likely inspire a whole new generation of auto enthusiasts.

Hot off the heels of the Ford GT's first win at Laguna Seca, the Ford GT has officially emerged in the professional circuit, on top of blowing away drivers everywhere when it was first revealed. Now, the Ford GT is more prepared than ever to deliver exceptional performances to professional drivers and everyday drivers alike, provided you can get your hands on one and also afford it.


What does your dream GT look like?

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After beating out rivals like Ferrari and others, the new Ford GT race car is a perfect example of automotive prowess and the peak of performance. Though the new Ford GT will be difficult to come by, drivers seeking incredible performance can also find immense satisfaction behind the wheel of a new Ford Mustang, or even the Ford Focus RS, each are poised to deliver a thrilling experience.

To learn more about the high-performance models of the new Ford lineup and the advantages they offer to drivers throughout Wetaskiwin, AB and the nearby areas, browse our new Ford models and then come see us at Denham Ford. Once you arrive we'll help you take control of a thrilling and high-performance automotive future.

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