Which is Better: The Ford F150 vs RAM 1500?

Which is Better: The Ford F150 vs RAM 1500?

For anyone who is into cars and trucks, it's impossible not to be aware of the battle that has been brewing in the world of full-size pickups over the last several decades. As this is one of the most competitive areas in the automotive industry, it can be tough for drivers to know which way to go when new designs crop up every few years. With recent performance and design enhancements, the Ford F-150 and Ram 1500 are going head to head in competition for the title of the best full-size pickup truck in 2020. And for drivers who sit somewhere along the fence, we've got a full breakdown of the best features available on both models.


Ford F-150 Features



Historically, the Ford F-150 has consistently been ranked as one of the best trucks available on the market. It consistently receives high ratings for safety, design, and performance. On the whole, Ford trucks are typically ranked as the best truck brand by top industry reviewers, making it difficult to go wrong when drivers choose Ford. The F-150 is rated as one of the safest vehicles on the road today, with advanced safety technology and features including a rearview camera, automatic emergency braking, and pedestrian protection.


The F-150 also offers drivers a comfortable ride with plenty of interior space and upgradeable interior fabric options like vinyl or leather seating. For cargo space, drivers can choose from several bed options, including 1.67 meters, 1.98 meters, and 2.43 meters. When it comes to performance, Ford reigns supreme with 6 different engine choices including the base V6 that is ideal for everyday driving. There's also the impressive V8 and 3 turbocharged V6 options to choose from as well. For towing, the Ford can easily haul up to 3,300 pounds and tow 13,200 pounds when fully equipped.


Although the Ford F-150 is a full-size pickup, it offers pretty good fuel economy when compared to other top sellers in its class. The base V6 engine offers drivers 8.07 kilometers per liter in the city and 10.62 kilometers per liter on the highway, easily challenging the Ram 1500 for the best non-diesel rating among full-size pickups.


Ram 1500 Features



The Ram 1500 is considered to be one of Ford's biggest competitors but lags behind the F-150 in maximum hauling and towing capabilities, starting price, and trim options. However, the Ram 1500 slightly surpasses Ford when it comes to gas mileage and handling.


This powerful full-size pickup features a V6 base engine and 305-horsepower or drivers can choose the upgraded 395-horsepower V8 engine. For the V6 option, the Ram 1500 offers 8.5 kilometers per liter in the city and 10.62 kilometers per liter on the highway. When it comes to handling, the Ram can't be beaten with a smooth and stable ride that can withstand the toughest road conditions. Additionally, the roomy and comfortable interior is sure to please drivers who use their trucks for both work and pleasure.


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