A different meaning for smart car: 2018 Ford Fiesta

As practical and down to earth as the people here in Wetaskiwin are, we all like to look to the future and take advantage of modern technology when we can. In the past, our need for practicality meant we had to sacrifice many of these technologies, but modern engineers are throwing that out the window.

The 2018 Ford Fiesta is one of the most practical yet forward-thinking vehicles on the market, offering push-button ignition for quick starting when in a hurry. The rear-view camera allows you to back up safely, taking full advantage of computer-guided depth-perceptive interfaces. 

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Ford Mustang Performance Features

The all new performance modes on the Mustang and Shelby GT are absolutely amazing. US News & World Report have ranked Ford’s latest sports car as a top 2 in the sports car market. The Mustang received its highest marks in performance where it clearly outdoes all of the competition. In addition, the engineering team has gone above and beyond with this latest design to reveal a refreshed take on driving modes. While many of the competitors are still stuck in traditional drive trains, the Mustang is taking it up a notch with customized suspensions.

The all new performance mode…
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Technology Features That Make up The New Ford Explorer

Are you currently in the market for a new three-row SUV? Take a look at the technology features in the Ford Explorer to help with your buying decision.

Once you get the new Ford Explorer out on the highway, set the adaptive cruise control feature and watch how the vehicle responds. The system is scanning the road ahead for vehicles moving slower than your speed, at which point your vehicle will power down enough to maintain a safe distance, the resume once clear.

With people so connected to the web these days, you want a vehicle that can handle the…
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Ford Escape Interior

While the outside of a vehicle is important when it comes to aesthetics, the interior of your vehicle is really what you have to fall in love with. Not only are there a number of features that contribute to the overall comfort level of your vehicle, you also have to think about the technology that is included, safety features, space, etc. We here at Denham Ford want to recommend that 2018 Ford Escape to you. This is a vehicle that is extremely practical when it comes to fuel efficiency and affordability. Not to mention, it is extremely comfortable for short…
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The 2018 Ford Fusion Hybrid Blends Luxury And Technology

The 2018 Ford Fusion sets the tone on the roadways with its innovative technology and striking appearance. Drivers will love the power of this impressive sedan. It goes along with its economic operating characteristics. The new Ford Fusion Hybrid is designed to provide comfort while maintaining its efficient nature and level of safety.

The features on the 2018 Ford Fusion Hybrid were created with the highest technology safety items such as the Lane Keeping System. It is crucial for helping the driver avoid collisions while on the highway. The Lane Keeping System...
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The 2018 Ford Focus ST Is Loaded With Exciting Features

Car enthusiasts are excited about the 2018 Ford Focus. It displays a sporty version that is ready to take on the roadway. The Focus ST has a fluctuating price tag that depends on the model of the car that is purchased.

The 2018 Ford Focus ST is perfect for aggressive drivers. It features standard torque vectoring control which gives car great handling in curves. The feature also assists with maintaining grip during rainy weather.

The Ford Focus ST was designed with great detail. The interior is lined with French seams and alloy trim. The leather seating is also very prominent…
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The Ford Focus Electric Exceeds Expectations

The Ford Focus Electric is the compact electric car that will introduce you to the wonderful features that electric vehicles provide. Not only does the Ford Focus Electric save energy and money, it handles well on the highway and has all the infotainment options you could want.

The MyFord Touch system has an eight-inch touchscreen display that is split into two quadrants. This features hands-free phone and text messaging, navigation and climate controls. The navigation system plans routes based on the vehicle's battery range and will display nearby EV charging stations. 


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Ford Edge Capability Features for 2018

Have you seen the new Ford Edge? It's one of the top midsize SUVs on the road, highly ranked by US News & World Report for its performance, reliability, safety, and interior comfort. Many drivers have also commented on its fuel economy, which for an SUV is pretty great at 34 Imperial miles per gallon for highway. At the base, you get a lot of performance with the SUV including a four-cylinder engine that puts out 245-horsepower. You can always upgrade, and there are plenty of features that are included with the limited edition.

At the highest trim, you can…
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The Safety Technology of the Ford Transit Connect

The Ford Transit Connect is a popular vehicle for transporting cargo for your family or for a business. It is a great vehicle for transporting passengers where they need to go. The Ford Transit Connect is equipped with some technological features designed to make driving safer.

Each Ford Transit Connect is equipped with a forward and reverse sensing system. This system scans for object at the front and rear of the vehicle. If you are getting too close, the system beeps, and the beeping grows louder the closer you approach an object. The Transit Connect also has a rear-view camera…
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Ford Super Duty: Top Payload and Power

The Ford Super Duty is a powerful giant that is tough enough to take on the roughest jobs. With a 7,630-pound payload, the Super Duty can haul everything that you need. Whether you need a truck for a job site or on the farm, Ford has redesigned this series to give you what you need.

Ford reinforced the brakes, chassis, and steering by adding more and stronger steel. They added a military-grade aluminum body and powerful transmission. They backed this power with a 6.7L Power Stroke V8 Turbo Diesel that can pull the load with ease. All of…

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